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Good Morning Team – In a few hours the new year will begin.  Do something different this year and plan 2012 the way you want it to be, write it on something you will read often and THEN together we can make it happen.  This is important because;

Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a written plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.   There is no other route to success.”   –Stephen Brennan

People with clear written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine“.  -Brian Tracy

There are a bazillion “goal writing” plans, workshops, and formats – pick one and run with it…or just grab a sheet of paper …because that’s all it takes.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart“. ~William Wordsworth


Please understand that your mind thinks in pictures, and for the most part, in a linear manner.  It can only plan  according to what it understands currently.  So what works best is to write your goals as if  you were creating your perfect day of building your business.  Perfect days become perfect weeks, months, years.  Start with activity goals – like how many calls you will make, demos you will do, trainings you will attend – because YOU control those things and because activity leads to production and production leads to money and THEN the money can buy the THINGS you want.


You’ve just been asked to put together a jigsaw puzzle.  Having done many such puzzles, you’re excited to get started.  You pour out all 1,000 pieces, spreading them out across a large table.  You then pick up the lid of the box to look at what you’re putting together.  And there’s no picture!  Yikes!  Without it, putting together the puzzle will take a really really long long time.  The same principle applies to your life and business.  No picture = no life = you’re working to complete someone elses’ picture.  What is the clear picture of  who you want to BE as you build your business?  Who is in the picture with you?

Here’s what I’ve learned about goals and goal setting from my 23+ years of  studying success and successful people;

1.   You MUST acknowledge where you’re starting from and just because you haven’t done something before…doesn’t mean you can’t learn to do it now.
2.   Your goals  MUST be bigger than you..especially to the point of  scaring you.  Example; My wife and I see our business this way;

“We’re Attracting a Global Organization of Extraordinary Individuals Dedicated to Loving, Learning and Connecting with Grace and Abundance while serving ever Increasing numbers of People.” 

3.   They MUST be Specific. Example; if your goal is a new car…What year, make, model, color, features etc.  Fluffy language like I want “more money”, “more time”, “more love”…gives your brain zero information to act upon and therefore gets you less of those things.
4.   You MUST attach a time frame.  no deadline = no urgency = no have.
5.   You MUST never ask “How”…only “WHY”.  The how will be provided on the path of your journey.
6.   You MUST attach a big, detailed, emotionally significant “WHY” to each of your goals.  Example, If your goal is $5000. a month….that’s great…but you don’t want that because you want 5000 pictures of George Washington for your bathroom wall…..there’s a “WHY” behind each goal…what will achieving it allow you to Be, Do and Have?

A Great way to focus your “WHY” is to ask yourSelf how achieving any particular goal will benefit others.  Prospering By Serving Others is key.

And finally they must be read and re-read multiple times per day, everyday with Passion!!!

Live With Intention,

Dr Bill


About Dr Bill Toth

Bill’s Background I’m just an average guy who’s learned a few things about Life, Success and Personal Development – thanks to some incredibly good and bad experiences during the past 25+ years. I’ve made many mistakes and have learned to combine down to earth values with a unique ability to distill complex concepts into simple powerful strategies which can be immediately applied to produce measurable results. In short; “I’ve traveled the territory, drawn a few maps and I’m happy to share them” I do not consider myself to be an “expert” and my work is never presented as the definitive doctrine on how you should live your life or what it takes to be successful in your business. I am a work in progress and if you were to you join me on life’s journey by hiring me as your coach or partnering with us in business – our learning will very likely be a two way street. In fact, I expect it to be. “What you know dies with you – what you DO leaves a legacy” I was raised in upstate New York and eastern Pennsylvania. This rural upbringing is strongly reflected in my personal value hierarchy: Faith > Family > Friends > Fitness and Finance. Education and a commitment to continuous improvement are next on the list. All these and more are strongly reflected in my coaching, teaching, writing and speaking. While growing my private practice I also taught Orthopedics and Neurology at both the undergraduate and graduate level, produced a TV show on fitness, appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, authored numerous journal articles, chapters for medical texts, served as vice-president of my state medical association, and started a family. I have had the honor and privilege of consulting with and coaching a diverse population of people from royalty to prisoners, from children to CEO’s, from amateur to professional athletes from 41 countries and people of almost every race, creed, religious belief and nationality. I am passionately committed to contribution and Living With Intention. Part of my philosophy is to think globally while acting locally. I am a very active member of my church, as well as several community organizations. After church, my favorite philanthropy is the Nourish the Children. I have also performed extensive volunteer work for both the Anthony Robbins Foundation, and the Make a Wish Foundation. Why become an Entrepreneur? I became an entrepreneur because after 5 years of Health Care Reform I found I was merely an employee of the various insurance company’s I was interacting with. I became painfully aware I was working more hours for less money and that what I was doing wasn’t working! At the same time my beautiful daughter, Casey, was born. This was the first time in my life I started to think about my future, and of course hers. When children come into your life, your perspective changes from Firebirds and Ferrari’s to Gymnastics, music lessons, horseback riding and so forth. Suddenly, I had to think longterm – was what I was doing going to provide all the things that a father wants for his children? In October of 1998 I started my entrepreneurial endeavors on a very part time basis. Less than 3 months later my New Year’s Resolution was to put my practices up for sale. In May of 1999 I sold them and began to work on my dreams and my fortune on a full time basis. From there, it took me a full five years to get to the point where I could do whatever I wanted to do. Along the way I wrote my first book: “Morning Moments”…as well as learning a few things about money, transitioning careers and happiness. I am happy to share what I know, in short again; “I’ve traveled the territory, drawn a few maps and I’m happy to share them” In summary; Transitioning careers was the hardest challenge I’ve ever taken up and it’s been the most rewarding! In so many ways, this is the very best personal development seminar I’ve ever taken because I met mySelf and my wife in the process…and every perceived adversity was worth it. Today, with my wife Julie, we “get to” pay the gift forward by coaching, mentoring others through the same process. There is no greater pleasure than showing others how to earn their freedom and then observing what good they do with it. Life Will Never Be The Same
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